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  • Stericycle’s 4Q earnings beat Wall St. estimates

    Stericycle´s 4Q earnings beat Wall St. estimates
    Feb. 3 — Stericycle Inc. reported stronger than expected fourth quarter earnings Feb. 2, topping analyst expectations by 2 cents.

    The Lake Forest, Ill.-based medical waste company reported $ 446.6 million in revenues with earnings at 76 cents per share, above the analyst projections of 74 cents per share, according to Yahoo Finance.

    The company also reported complete 2011 earnings, saying the company brought in revenues of $ 1.67 billion in 2011, up from $ 1.43 billion in 2010. Cash flow from operations was $ 306.1 million, the company reported.

    In regulated waste, company officials told analysts on a conference call that revenue from regulated waste grew 9% for small quantity customers they serve and 6% for large quantity customers in the United States. The company also completed eight acquisitions, with five of them in the United States and three international.

    The company’s stock, SRCL, opened up 2% in early trading on Feb. 3, up to $ 86.94. The stock has a 52 week high of $ 95.71.

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