Question by ricardo o: When is the Best time to dumpster dive a computer store?
I live in UT and i always wanted to try dumpster diving for computer parts but i never knew how it worked like what stores i could go dumpster diving and what time would be the best. i have a lot of local computer shops and stores around my area and i was wondering how to get started. i would prefer someone who had experience in dumpster diving especially at computer shops/stores. thanks.

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Answer by Henrique Da Cruz
LOL. Don’t know about dumpster diving for computer parts, but dumpster diving for copper and aluminum is pretty fun. I remember doing it when i was twelve-nineteen years old. I made a good amount of money (around $ 3000+ I’d say).

Though there is nothing wrong with dumpster diving, i would suggest you look around to make sure nobody is watching. When the coast is clear, make your move. I really wouldn’t think that computer stores would throw away working computer parts.

Good luck dumpster diving.

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