Some cool dumpster diving images:

Department of Homeland Sanitation Security
dumpster diving
Image by LGagnon
In the future, Homeland Security will extend to locking up and locking down everything.
In a dystopian New Bedford, public trash cans will be locked up to prevent the stealing of garbage, as dumpster diving will be declared a form of terrorism.
Video cameras will watch every can,
laser alarms systems will warn the police,
and anyone caught committing "trash terrorism"

front office
dumpster diving
Image by PrincessFroglips
looking right

Dav and Mie @ Rickenbackers
dumpster diving
Image by disrupsean
I enjoy drinks with Dav and Mie because we always end up reading books and creating exotic paper airplanes using classy woven paper found during a dumpster dive.

I’ll have to bring a proper camera next time. (Taken w/ camphone)

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