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  • Men’s Clothes, New Belts, Kitchen Items and More Makeup

    Went out on a dumpster mission yesterday. I’m always afraid of attracting too much attention and sometimes I don’t dig in the dumpster enough to find what is actually there.

    Place No. 1 – at the bottom were three big bags. Inside those bags included facial cleanser and makeup. I tallied about $ 300 worth of perfectly good makeup thrown out. Great. More for me, my friends and any other woman who needs it.

    Place No. 2 – an entire trash bag full of kitchen items, one of those grills you put on your stovetop, measuring cups, candles and food bag clips (all brand new, unopened).

    Place No. 3 – 2 huge bags of men’s clothes. Way too big for my husband for new clothes nonetheless. About 2 dozen pairs of dress pants, shirts and polo type shirts, all new. I’m taking them to the goodwill tomorrow or will resell them at a garage sale.

    At place #3 we found about 2 dozen brand new belts. Brand new, never been worn.The only thing I can think of is that the man lost a lot of weight and just didn’t think of donating the stash.

    Just the night before my husband had been looking for a new belt. Couldn’t find one he liked. He finally found one at this particular store that was really neat looking so he bought it. The VERY NEXT DAY we find over a dozen belts (nice ones).

    That boys and girls is manifestation at work. When the universe, God, Krishna or whatever you believe in (IMO) knows you’re doing the right thing and living right, he rewards you. Pure and simple. Those who live with grace, equanimity, generosity and humbleness are always rewarded on down the road.

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