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  • Ordinary bulletin board, extraordinary life – Documentary

    Check out these dumpster diving images:

    Ordinary bulletin board, extraordinary life – Documentary
    dumpster diving
    Image by katiescrapbooklady
    Digital Layout entered in Digital Scrapbooking Flickr group contest

    There are several bits of journaling on this like actual grocery lists and "to do" lists of mine. I also included a sheet of journaling on the bulletin board that reads: This may look like an ordinary bulletin board, but to me it shows me that I lead an extraordinary life. Everything on my memo board is proof to me that I am blessed in many ways. Even the "to do" lists of dishes and laundry are an example of how lucky I am… how many people in the world would love to have the modern conveniences that I use to accomplish these everyday tasks! A quick glance at the bits and pieces of my daily routine shows me that my life is an amazing collection of wonderful treasures.


    Scrapbook Graphics:
    Maya- Dumpster Diving High school confidential Quirky quotes – gratitude Jessica Bolton- Bohemian Peddler & add on pack Home life
    Meredith Fenwick- legible notecards Doris Castle – Photo Lifts
    Sausan – altered artistry
    Traci Reed – unbound elements
    Krista Mettler

    Shabby Princess blinkie graphic was a gift from the Shabby Princess (the shabby shoppe) given to me as a creative team member.

    Shrek ad downloaded from internet site Foundation for a Better Life. My son has a copy of that ad in his bedroom.

    Fonts: CK printer CK Script Jefferson CK Girl

    Adding to The Stew
    dumpster diving
    Image by bengarland
    Damn it was good. Probably the best veggie stew I’ve ever had in my life (no, seriously). I bet they put at least a dozen different things in it, and most of it was dumpster dived or donated.

    dumpster diving
    Image by leedav
    This woman is so awesome and I wouldn’t have met her if it wasn’t for flickr. Her sister Riana, better known on flickr as These Days in French Life, clued me in about her book, Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer. I knew she was my people before I even read the book. I was so happy to meet her while she was in Madison for the book fest. In the days since she left, I couldn’t put the book down. If you are interested in gardening, eating local, dumpster diving, meeting your meat, I highly recommend her book. Plus, she is hilarious.

    This is #19 in my 100 strangers assignment. Check out the 100 strangers website to see more pictures and people working on the same assignment.

    See the rest of my set here.

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