A few nice dumpster diving images I found:

Trust Jesus
dumpster diving
Image by Nomadic Lass
To…rid you of your refuse?? Alrighty then… O.O

Crazy as it sounds, I’ve been searching for this exact dumpster for months (I lead a very mundane existence, and I like to shoot odd things). I spotted it one day at the dump but didn’t have my camera (always carry that camera!!). A few days ago it turned up at the other end of the county, and I squealed when I saw it (pathetically true, ask my husband). As it turns out it was just about to get hauled away. Lucky break for me I was quicker than the disapproving trash guy… 😉

I’m just kicking myself now since I didn’t use this for my rust shot a few days ago…

View On Black

dumpster diving
Image by Sara Lafleur-Vetter
It’s not just the homeless that can be found rummaging through trash these days in Russia. Due to rising food prices and living costs, you’ll find many elderly people and even some working class folk at the community dumpster.

dumpster diving
Image by davitydave

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