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  • Q&A: This is so weird. What Should I do?

    Question by Missing Yhu<3 R.I.P CJB!!: This is so weird. What Should I do?
    My neighbor heard a car in our alley this morning at 5. The people got out of their car and went into her back yard. She called the cops but the cops said they were gone.

    So my mom wakes up at 7. Goes to work at 8. She took the dumpster out in the alley ot be dumped at like 7:45.

    I hear a dog barking at 8:30. Look outside and somehow my dog had gotten outside.

    Okay…That’s weird

    But then my mom got home a little bit ago and she says the dumpster isnt in the alley. Ok?

    So i go out back and it’s out back. Not dumped

    What should I do? Omg I’m so scared someone’s gonna get me tomorrow! Because I’m 13 and home alone with my 9 year old mentally challenged sister all day.

    So obviously… the person brought the dumpster in my back yard. And let my dog out.

    WTF? Do u think it’s the people that went in my neighbors backyard?

    We live in one of the safest places in the country!

    Best answer:

    Answer by ~LIVE~ ~LAUGH~ ~LOVE~
    Maybe suggest going over to your neighbors 2moro if you are that freaked. That stuff that happened is weird and it would freak me out to but really sometimes its just your head making up stuff and it freaks you out. Like whenever i am home alone and i watch a scary show, movie about someone being taken, every single noise i hear in my house i am convinced that someones in my house and they are going to kidnapped me when really that’s not true no one is in my house at all. But yeah either go to the neighbors tell your mom gets home, or go find a friend to go somewhere with that is fine with hanging out with ur lil sister. Because if i was u i wouldn’t want to hang out at home either. But if you can’t remenber u have a dog that will make noise if someones in ur house and if u hear something either call ur mom or neighbor. Or if u see someones in ur house for real, cuz sometimes dogs just barks at random things, call 911 and also call ur neighbors to come and help.

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    One Response to “Q&A: This is so weird. What Should I do?”

    1. honey, i cant believe ur not freaking out rite noww.! thts really scary. call the police and say ‘its not an emergency, really, but i am really scared about somethingg..’ and tell the cops wat had happened. you can even ask the cops to drop by your house tomorrow while you’re home alone and make sure you and your sister are okay.

      hunn, i dont even KN0W you and im scared for you.! so you HAVE to do something about this. tell the cops, or there is a huge possibility that someone could hurt you and ur family.! seriously, please don’t ignore something like this.

      its ur responsiblilty to do this for you and ur family’s safety.

      another tip i have is — (at daytime when ur with ur mom or something) — check the trashcan for anything in there.