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  • Darling Intl. worth a closer look: Barron’s

    Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:50pm EST

    Feb 26 (Reuters) – Animal-waste recycling company
    Darling International deserves a closer look from
    investors despite strong share gains in the past year, Barron’s
    said in its latest edition.

    Fundamentals for the company — which recycles beef, pork
    and poultry waste into tallow, feed-grade fats and bone and
    poultry meal — have improved markedly since it in late 2010
    unveiled plans to buy Griffin Industries, Barron’s said.

    The acquisition was a main reason Darling’s sales and
    profits roughly tripled in each of the first three quarters of
    2011, Barron’s said.

    “But if the stock price is any measure — up only 43 percent
    from the announcement Nov. 9, 2010 — this has yet to completely
    seep into investor consciousness,” the weekly magazine said.

    Yahoo! Finance: Waste Management Industry News

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