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  • Wine Wine and More Wine

    I could literally have a party with 100 people and still have enough wine and spirits to make everyone happy.

    Last night we decided to try a different restaurant and have wild game for dinner. I had buffalo (bison) and my husband had Elk. Both were pretty darn good.

    I plan on buying only organic beef and vegetables. Any factory farm today IMO is full of GMO processed “stuff” that is devoid of nutrients. I’m firmly convinced our obesity epidemic has something to do with the chemicals in our food, our air and our water.

    Not to get off on a tangent, but after we left the restaurant we decided to go to a few places on our way home. As we approach the first stop we saw the security drive around. I knew he was on his way around the back. I don’t think he would care, but I usually avoid security guards like the plague. I don’t want them to see me back there and begin to recognize my face or my car.

    Well we got some good stuff. Vodka, Cognac, Orange Liqueur and many many bottles of wine. White wine is good to make your own sangria with.

    Now with the some of the vodka a few months ago I found I made my own vodka infusions with fresh fruits. One batch was a lemon liqueur that I made. It can be used as shots OR mixed with tonic or seltzer water.

    The second infusion I made was with fresh pineapples. Vodka, sugar and fresh pineapples steeped for several months. You can use any fruit for these recipes. The pineapple one turned out really good. Liqueurs last forever so they’re a good long term storage liquid. You can use them in drinks or some food or dessert recipes.

    Wine and more we found this week

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