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  • Two sacks of bread and four PhD students

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    Two sacks of bread and four PhD students
    dumpster diving
    Image by Zane Selvans
    We pulled two full garbage bags of pretty darned fresh bread out of the dumpster, about 50 loaves in all. It was enough to completely fill all eight of our panniers. Mostly it was plain boules, but there were a few that look like they had olives or currants baked in, and a couple of baugettes.

    A Baker’s Dozen
    dumpster diving
    Image by Zane Selvans
    Thirteen loaves a fresh bread. to at retail. Less than of raw ingredients. Free from the dumpster. Go figure.

    Nice chewy, almost leathery crusts. Pretty white and spongy on the inside (I prefer long-rise bread with big bubbles, or whole grains), but tasty. We’re going to have some incredible croutons. I need to make another roasted chicken Mendiratta. Will be wonderful if we can get this bread in winter soup season!

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