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  • Sitting In a German McDonald’s

    I’m sitting in a German McDonald’s writing on an iPhone while two 4 year olds run around talking in German and crawling under tables while I look after our luggage. The title of this trip is called Germany on the cheap because traveling is quite the contrary to many people’s thoughts, quite cheap. We stayed the first three nights with our wonderful host family the Thielman’s. They are currently stationed in Frankfort , working for the state dept. Our first couple days have been a lot of train riding and navigating the system. We toured some old church grounds and looked at some of the ancient roman ruins that were bombed during WWII. We also walked around a lot of the historic district and went walking on the banks of the rhine.
    Maps are truly amazing. Armed with current technology only, we would have gotten extremely lost. Eric is a great map reader and now is a pro at navigating Frankfurt as well as most large cities. Our hostel is currently located in the red light district of Frankfurt as there are several brothels nearby. Hello Europe.



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