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  • Q&A: good places for dumpster diving?

    Question by : good places for dumpster diving?
    i’m doing an assemblage project for art and im gonna go dumpster diving. my sister would normally go to lowes or something like that. anyone have any suggestions about good places for dumpster diving

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    Answer by tigrizzle
    I don’t know whether your town also picks up larger trash item or whether everything has to fit into a garbage can. If they also pick up random items it’s probably easiest to go around at night when people have put out their garbage. Otherwise if there is an art school or something like that close where you live, naturally their dumpsters generally contain a multitude of odd items. Universities or Schools might not be a bad place.
    Otherwise it’s experience. I don’t recollect seeing accessible dumpsters at the Lowes in my neighborhood.

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