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  • Who has ever been dumpster diving and what are some of your favorite findings?

    Question by GrayMatters: Who has ever been dumpster diving and what are some of your favorite findings?
    -Last summer we went dumpster diving and found the game Mad Gab in perfect conditin and a few other board games and a fan

    -Just tonight we went to a house where the people are moving out and just threw all of their belongings into a 40 yrd dumpster (dirty smelly heaven!) We found 3 trash bags full of kids clothes all with tags still on them, a vintage suitcase, stuffed animals for the neighbor kids, a few jackets and pants that would fit me and my boyfriend, a great looking flower pot and some christmas decorations for my grandmother….all of this stuff was brand new and in awesome shape…this was definitly my greatest dumpster experience.

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    Answer by faoi shíocháin
    I was throwing out my trash and found a bum. He was really nice.

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    7 Responses to “Who has ever been dumpster diving and what are some of your favorite findings?”

    1. I was out in late Febuary and i found a gold necklace, it had a diamond missing but was in great shape; clothes; clothes; and more clothes!!!! very fun. i dowuld do it anyday

    2. My mom used to do that.. She always came back with really cool clothes and decorative stuff.. I want to try it but I don’t know where, any ideas?

    3. I used to go with my brother and some friends of his that worked at a nearby academy late at night before spring break and after graduation and we would find all sorts of stuff from dvd players, cd changers and even computers… the staff have since gotten smarter and have started to take the stuff out now 🙁 another favorite place is at my friends apartment complex. People throw out a lot of neat things there like computer parts and such

    4. That is so much fun. It sure has been a while because none of my friends will go dump shopping. I used to visit my sister who lived in a large apartment complex. Everytime that I would drive into the parking lot, my nephue would be in a dumpster. He got some great findings for a nine year old.

    5. I took a mosaic class and she asks tile places if she could rummage through their garbage for broken tiles and she gets free mosaic pieces that way.

    6. Full, functioning, almost-new portable stereo with 5CD player for son, also lots of speakers; an IBM Thinkpad; boxes of NEW magazines of all types (had fun going through all those); someone’s very cool collection of various shaped beer glasses with logos from companies on them (way cool) — we had lots of fun lass summer! We pick through, pass most of it to charities.