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  • Q&A: What should i do about my job?

    Question by Sam: What should i do about my job?
    so i am 17 and work at my local golf course as a cart attendant. Our course was bought by the county so we have all new management. one of my new bosses suck at making the schedules- the first person of the day works 9 hours and the close person works 3 hours! He has also screwed u paychecks for 3 in a row. Our “big” boss doesn’tcare about our course he is still runing his course in another state. He doesn’t allowed the cart people inside- even if it is raining, cold, hot. anything we don’t have a fan outside, chairs for us to sit in, and when we can’t find anything to do he makes us to busy work- like dishes, window cleaning, vacuuming, he also makes us clean the bathroom twice a day, the mens is horrible- drunk guys can’t aim. then i have a 30 year old worker there trying to go on a date with me- saying he would help get me out of my house. today one of the yard people told me all the trash needed emptied i went around the course and 1 dumpster needed emptied thats it. the thing is i want to quit because i just hate working there- but working there gets me free golf and golf is super expensive and i am not rich- and i have to practice as much as possible. i also applied at another golf course for the same position and my coach is the manager there but i haven’t heard from them- and i don’t know if i want to risk unemployment- i need a job at the golf course but i don’t know what to do… HELP?

    sorry it is so long

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    Answer by Eden
    There are plenty of potential hurdles for teenagers in work, many of them legislative, parents and guardians are required to be vigilant about that. There is plenty of help from the website in the box below on this issue, they also have help for all peeps who are hunting for work, or who are required to change careers.

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