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    Google Geneva POTW
    12 yard dumpsters
    Image by CityofGeneva
    The current wastewater treatment facility is designed for the year 2020 with an expected population equivalent of 44,700 P.E. Design Average Flow (DAF) is 5.0 MGD, and the plant is capable of treating 12.5 MGD (Peak Flow) through the main plant with an additional 3.5 MGD diverted to excess flow treatment. Excess Flow will receive grit removal and primary treatment, chlorination and dechlorination prior to combining with the completely treated effluent.

    Wastewater enters the plant through 3 interceptors to the raw wet well and passes through a mechanically cleaned fine bar screen. Screenings are washed and compacted in the “screw/pactor, bagged and placed inside a dumpster for disposal. The wastewater is then pumped through a metered 24” Parshall Flume by 2 submersible (wet well) and 3 vertical centrifugal pumps (dry well) each capable of pumping up to 2,800 GPM for a peak flow of 16 MGD.

    The raw wastewater flows through 2 aerated grit chambers each (20’L ● 20’W ●12’D) with a capacity of 72,000 gallons and retention time of 20.7 min at DAF (8.3 min at Peak Flow). After the grit chambers, the flow splits into 4 rectangular primary clarifiers (100’L ● 25’W ● 8.25’D) with a surface settling rate of 500 GPD/SF and a weir overflow rate of 15,000 GPD/SF at 5 MGD.

    The primary effluent flows into 2 aeration plants for biological treatment. Total aeration tank volume is 1.984 MG. Wastewater flows in a serpentine pattern through each plant with a total detention time of approximately 8.2 hours at DAF. There are 5 blowers, each capable of providing 1,500 CFM of fine bubble diffused air to this stage. The SCADA system adjusts dissolved oxygen levels with actuated air valves to maintain optimum mixing and oxygen transfer.

    The mixed liquor flows into a common header and is divided equally to 3 secondary clarifiers each 95’ in diameter. Each clarifier provides 235 GPD/SF surface settling rate at DAF. Combined the clarifiers provide 587 GPD/SF at wet weather peak flow. Settled solids (RAS) from the secondary clarifiers are returned to the aeration tanks by 3 submersible centrifugal pumps with a VFD controlled rate of 15% to 100% DAF. The excess solids are wasted into the WAS holding tanks then pumped to the #1 centrifuge for final thickening and pumping to the primary digester.

    Raw [primary] sludge from the primary clarifiers is pumped directly to the primary digester. Under “complete mix” anaerobic digestion conditions the primary mesophilic digester is maintained at 98 ºF for 47.8 Days MCRT that achieves 58% reduction in volatile solids. Primary digester sludge is periodically transferred to the secondary digester for storage and thickening. Supernatant is removed from the secondary and is returned to the headworks. Both digesters are sized at 70’ in diameter and each can hold 750,000 gallons of sludge.

    Stabilized secondary digester sludge is dewatered in one of two twin 21” centrifuges. The dewatered final Biosolids are conveyed to an enclosed (180’L ● 80’W ● 24’H) storage facility for approximately 2,500 cubic yards of material. The building is designed with enough overhead clearance for routine stacking activities and loading of large 20-yard semi trailers inside during land application periods. This significantly reduces drag out of material onto plant roadways. The Biosolids are beneficially reused through the City’s Land Application Program and local farmers. Just last week we hauled out this years Biosolids (2660 cu.yds.).

    Effluent from the secondary clarifiers enters the UV structure and is exposed to Ultraviolet light that disinfects the effluent before discharge to the Fox River.

    I always wanted my very own
    12 yard dumpsters
    Image by sunship_98
    dumpster – 12 square yards. .50 a day rent. That kinda makes it tempting to have one all the time no? A simple tarp over it and instant guest house. Remember, playing around the dumpster is verbotten.

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