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    Sandi Chaplin
    15 yard dumpster
    Image by Chicago Art Department
    Sandi Chaplin
    “What grows?”
    photography/mixed media

    You left behind a microwave, a beanbag chair with a rip in the side, and me. I needed the microwave, but the beanbag chair with a rip in the side… well… I brought it all the way down 4 flights of stairs, but I just couldn’t drag it across the yard and out to the dumpster in the alley. So I left it sitting there – partly on the cobblestone patio we put in last year – but mostly off. I pretend it’s intentional – it’s funky lawn furniture – in reality, though – it’s just funky. All winter long it sat there – the rip growing larger – I’m guessing it’s the work of possum – or stray cats – or rats – or June bugs (although it’s only May)…
    Yeah… it’s full of funk. It’s killing the lawn – but it keeps me connected while I feel utterly disconnected – shuffled around and misconnected. I grew into you while you grew out of me. (how can you tell which is the side of a bean-bag chair?) Sometimes – when I remember us together – I think I only remember me.

    “Why did I contribute? you asked me and I have NO spine…(plus, you scare me – just a little) …I have been on hiatus from the art scene… caught up in teaching… and writing… but no gallery shows since I moved to Pilsen. Then I found you on the internet (which is odd that I would find you THERE and not simply in passing – considering you are a block from my house) and you took me into your flock via your photography "class." This led to another show with your ilk – and now… well… now I’ve drunk so much wine on your premises… I feel like CAD is an old friend – an old, crotchety, "you call that art? That isn’t art" friend… CAD was there when I needed someone to support me – to encourage me – to remind me why I started on this crazy artistic journey in the first place… Why did I contribute????!?!?! Seriously?!?!?! Because I love you guys!! I do! You remind me of my art studio storefront days/daze… You’re invaluable – you’re needed – you’re just-in-time for SO many artists needing a nod…”

    The Cheapest Boat on the Internet
    15 yard dumpster
    Image by Randy Cox
    The secret to building a 15′ canoe for about ? Lucky (or at least persistent) dumpster diving and changing your plan based on the materials that you can find. You’ve got to be flexible!

    It’s pretty smooth sailing in your yard, isn’t it, Adam?

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