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  • Dine and Dash

    Had to do some serious meat shopping tonight. Stopped at a huge discount store that I normally find to be pretty ethical on how they treat their staff and their customers. Something disturbed me. I was going to buy a bucket of potato salad. I have decided dining out is a no no and date night is a picnic lunch at the ocean. There were about 100 gallons of potato salad in the refrigerated container. All were dated to expire, tomorrow June 23rd.

    So I asked the manager if he was going to either give a huge discount on them or give them away. Oh no we can’t do that. We send them back in a refrigerated container and get store credit. I said let me get this straight. You’re going to send back 100 containers of potato salad for “store credit”. This will go on a refrigerated truck, using precious fuel and polluting the planet for “store credit”. I said this is absurd.

    I said here’s a thought. Why don’t you take all those potato salads off the shelf and GIVE those away right now to the customers in the store. You have plenty of families who come into this store who are hurting. These same families bought food from your store lining your pockets and your bosses pockets with income. OR sell them to me at a discount price, I’ll haul them in my truck and give them out to the hungry myself. He said Ma’am I cannot do that. I said OK. I wanted to plant the seed.

    So tomorrow, this store’s corporate office is getting a phone call from me personally.

    I come back home and put away all my food. Then I decided to go back out. I stopped at one of my local haunts for dumpster diving. The stuff they were going to throw out was sitting on the ground ready to be thrown out. I drove by like a super dumpster diving sleuth grabbed 2 bags of trash and took them home.

    Tons and tons of good new stuff. Some for my stockpile and some for those who could use it. I don’t have to work, my hubby makes good money, but MANY of my readers are hurting and in a big way. If I can give some goodies to those who need it, then that works for me.

    Be kind to each other, we’re all hurting or traumatized in some way from this economy. A little kindness goes a long way.

    Dine and Dash

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