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  • How do i deal with rude people who live below me?

    Question by Matt: How do i deal with rude people who live below me?
    I live in a 3 floor 3 apartment house. I live on the 3rd floor with my girlfriend and 2 yr old daughter. The people on the 2nd floor are the rudest, most disrespectful, disgusting people i have ever met. Its a husband and wife with 3 kids in a 2 bedroom apartment. The kids are 6, 5, and 11 months old. Its 9:45pm and the yellling, screaming, and crying finally ended after a hour and one kid is still quietly sobbing. Usually this happens every other night. I have been living here myself for i think 5 yrs. The dad abuses the kids mentally (and i think maybe physically). Hes always yelling at them for everything. The kids are terrible. Always screaming, making loud noises, slamming doors, crying for ever, and just disgusting. The parents are no better. They ignore the kids or they yell at them making them cry then yelling louder for them to stop. Its terrible. They leave crap all over the hall and stairs that we have to walk up. They leave stuff all over the yard and never clean up anything. On hot days they leave their door open and it stinks up the stairway. Smells like rotting food in a dumpster, its bad. My friend was over the other day and gaged coming up the stairs, so its nasty. I can’t stand this anymore. I have delt with it way to long. Now my girlfriend and i yell at the kids. The parents don’t do anything. Yesterday their 5 yr old daughter was using a driveway broom (the kind with the hard, stiff bristles) and was brushing my girlfriends new car, the mom was sitting right there and my girlfriend yelled at the kid to stop and the mom didnt even say anything. The 6 yr old son was playing his cello or what ever the heck it is at 10:30 at night!! Not to mention all the times he TRIES to hurt our daughter, like raming her with his bike or kicking a ball at her face, things of that nature that a kid should know not to do! Im sorry for ranting, but i cant stand it because i am yelling at other peoples kids! The worst part is that its my aunt and uncle!! My other uncle lives on the first floor and he and my stepdad own the house but the 300lb fat slob who lives on the 2nd floor thinks he owns the place, so he does whatever the hell he wants. WHAT THE HECK DO I DO??? How do i deal with this for a couple more months? Its all family so its makes it even harder. There is no landlord to complain to.
    I have talked to them and my uncle and stepdad who own the place. They dont do anything about it because its family. Well im family TOO!
    sorry weight has nothing to do with it. i just got all worked up, very sorry!
    there is no land lord.

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    Answer by POPPY
    God, what a nightmare-had some college-ectasy tripping kids who had parties, were loud til 6am. every damn night before-so I sympathize-I complained to landlord-called police, it NEVER stopped. I had to move…so that seems like the only option-sorry-wish you the best of luck! You could try having a serious talk w/them first tho…

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    3 Responses to “How do i deal with rude people who live below me?”

    1. talk to the landlord. if that doesn’t work, call the police.

      and you can stop judging people because they’re overweight. what difference does it really make that the guy on the 2nd floor weighs 300 lbs? and why are you calling him a “fat slob”? weight discrimination is not appropriate.
      get your own manners up to par before criticizing anyone else’s.
      good luck with that.

    2. Call the police for noise complaints. Also let the owners of the complex know about it and keep complaining. The police don’t have to make contact with you so the neighbors won’t know you were the one complaining.

    3. The answer is clear. Read the bible and you will know. It is God’s punishment for your first day on Y-A and asking such a bogus question. Dant’e Inferno has a place for you on the 7th level. Burn baby burn.