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  • Where is Theresienhöhe 3 Munich, Bavaria, Deutschland? And Are Electric Outlets Extinct ?

    Word of advice, plan for the worst thing possible. Which in this case would be to bring a tent and sleeping bag everywhere. Our day of travel included riding trains for 9 hours. Which would be exhausting in most cases, but being adventurous travelers, we had decided on the couchsurfing option of travel. All my couchsurfing memories have been great fun and now I have foreign friends in many different countries. However, maybe I am limited to hosting as our first German couchsurfing experience turned out to be a disaster.

    We arrived with all electronic devices dead. This included my iphone, a computer, a regular phone, and all other options of communication dead. So therefore, in cases like this, you search for the nearest coffee shop and plug up. And use the public bathroom like most normal people. However, Germany does not believe in bathrooms, nor outlets. I sneaked my way into one, (cause you have to pay a euro to pee) while Eric tried to revive all sources of power. So we then went by sheer intuition of the train system to a place where we thought it would be. However Munich is a large city and randomly finding streets by chance is about the probability of me popping out a child.

    Since we are traveling on the cheap, we decided spending money was unnecessary and useless. So Eric left me at a bus stop while he frolicked around looking for some plugs. After no such luck we decided that staying with the luggage at McDonalds was probably the best option since I packed some bricks that resembled clothing. 2 hours later I had decided that going home with the 40ish graying manager would probably be the only option of a warm bed. No matter what the cost. Also, since my options of staying with random cute little German boys was tainted by the fact that I don’t speak any language except English. So I decided to learn the Mcdonalds vocabulary. kann ich dass mit Pommes frites was not going to help me in this situation, but it was the best I could do if worse came to worst. Eric finally came back, had ran all over the city and now felt sick what the thought of if his sister went missing. Luggage in tow, we finally went to a random university and plugged up.

    That situation taken care of, we now went in search of our nice couchsurfing host who said that he still wanted us to come with him. So off we went. Our host ended up living a couple blocks from the Octoberfest grounds, however those things are huge and pushing our luggage around through a field of gravel broke our main suitcase. And Eric had a fever. So we wondered around in the middle of the grounds, lost, cold, and bed-less. And then we arrived, but there was no 3, anywhere. So as we tried to figure out what to do, I witnessed a fight, a random chase around a bar by several employees. So what does one in this situation, reboot. So we took a cab to the station and walked a good 30 min with our broken luggage to the 2nd closest hostel.

    I woke up to a snuggle sandwich below me, who sleeps with people in a hostel?

    Only in Munich, Kaitlyn

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