Some New York City dwellers, who aren’t homeless, show how they sift through garbage for food to avoid consumerism.
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19 Responses to ‘Freegans’ Take Green to Extreme – New York Post

  1. ZennLa13 says:

    wow- that hair!!

  2. outdoorzgirl says:

    Some of you guys are seriously narrow-minded. I dumpster dive for food. I find perfectly good food that would otherwise be wasted. I worked in the fast food industry when I was a teenager. I am now 36 years old. I can attest to the amount of waste that occurs on a nightly basis. I even volunteered to take our leftover food to the homeless shelter and they would not let me. We are not weirdos or freaks.

  3. cheesypasta says:

    @aaartnaz all in favor say ‘aye’! AYE!

  4. CelticKraut says:

    I like to pee all over the food before those guys come and get it.

  5. drugrocker says:

    these people are immediately more interesting than the majority of people you see droning around supermarkets. bright eyed enthusiastic and environmentally aware. yo!!

  6. MrChanabanana says:

    i think freegan is very interesting, we do throw away too much. i mean look at those bananas and apples they are completely fine, but i still i don’t know i have my doubts, buying local vegetables and fruits and organic is better i think than going to trash

  7. natureboy1462 says:

    good good

    from switzerland

  8. bakedinspiration says:

    @doubleestark I really just want to stick it to the man this seems perfect.

  9. doubleestark says:

    Cont’d get paid to squat there and draw a paycheck. Take it one step further than your average squatter.

  10. doubleestark says:

    I find that freeganism is a great way to drill for the eventual collapse of the global economy. Learning survival skills as these are great and stimulate jobs for the security industry. May I suggest you freehand to take a job as a night security guard where you not only are able to often squat for free but

  11. aaartnaz says:

    the freegan chick might actually be doable, does anyone concur?

  12. DarklingX says:

    Also there are other risks involved their could be wild animals in the dumpsters that could be diseased or rabid and may bite you.

  13. DarklingX says:

    @dogofdog1018 It’s technically theft and trespassing. The stores themselves are basically private property. I mean would you go into your neighbors house and dig in their trash and take there stuff? That would probably be invasion of privacy as well. I don’t like waste anymore then anyone else but I don’t necessarily support this kind of action. Make sure you smarten up on proper food safety and get some knowledge on food bacterias and parasites.

  14. chichotango says:

    @fataldesain < you are a consumerist. Because is cheap for your pocket, it doesn't mean we have to deserve day after day, that is called glabalization, may you read ablout that, and all the waste that people, "clean " and without conscience do to this world. And don't think everybody is a Rockefeller.

  15. chichotango says:

    @EricSchwin22 . Sure, You doesn’t know what are you talking about. Speak about something you know, i never seen a roach in supermarket food, and it came in its bag, of course fruits in good shape are washed with water in house. Brainwashing?

  16. chichotango says:

    @EricSchwin22 .

  17. EricBochene says:

    nice hair quinn!

  18. ugslug says:

    I can’t take anyone with hair like that seriously. It seems a lot of dumpster divers are uni students who like the thrill and excitement I don’t think you necessarily need to be a full blown weirdo to do it

  19. Seedr0 says:

    @Groudie101 Not sure why you throw in “anti-reason”…

    care to explain?