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  • pit bins

    this was one of those huge pit bins you have to jump into. rummaging around awash in plastic bags.
    digging to find treasure through all the polyethylene and coffee grinds.
    kind of reminds me of that scene in star wars. just like that. wow, that terrified me when i was younger.
    and look at us now. anyway. the sack we heaved home contained:

    • 1kg mushrooms
    • 1 red cabbage
    • 10 apricots
    • bunch of celery
    • roses (yellow)
    • 1kg carrots
    • 4 yellow peppers
    • 4 loaves ‘normal’ bread
    • 2 loaves rye bread
    • 12 bread rolls (various)

    there’s a few interesting items. the cabbage is a beast. and we find mushrooms a lot, but rarely ones that are still edible,
    so that made me happy.
    our friend dumpster dived enough meat to make a whole pig. well, it would be enough if
    the slaughter process was reversible. and even then it’d be a pretty weird pig,
    with feathers and udders and such. but you get the point. it was a lot:

    and now i have a future pot of apricot jam boiling down the on stove.
    it’s going to be just lovely. if not a little too sweet.

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