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  • Food Vs. Facebook

    Food Vs. Facebook. who would win? If you asked the normal college student if they would rather give up facebook or a meal a day they might have a tough time debating what would be a life need on a day-to-day basis. Today in the school paper, an article was written on speed dating. Now I really wanted to attend this event for journalism purposes, but unfortunately I had to work. However, the event was concluded with the “outcome” of your dates, which happened to be 3 minutes long. One of the participants concluded that his dates were going to be followed up with facebook stalking. Stalking? Should that be a term that should used by someone looking to take a girl out on a date. The world has enough creepy boys. The one time I can remember someone ever stalking me is that a friend mentioned something about a post on my facebook wall that I had not read yet, and I called him out on it and he admit he stalks me.

    I love eating dumpster food because it gauges people’s reactions to unusual. You eat food out of where? I have become quite used to having people ask about it, and have considered the topic a whole new conversation starter to say the least. Someone recently told me that there are three things boys love, food, sex and sports. While this may be true for most boys, I think that dumpster dived food is either a huge sex appeal or a huge turn off. I think the whole act of gathering food is the worst part of the experience, or the most fun. However if I had to give up diving or facebook, I’m not sure which one would be the losing battle of my life. I think social media has changed the world, and the ideas and concepts that can be shared electronically are invaluable. Watching The social network changed my view on how ideas are started and formulated. I really wish dumpster diving would become viral, just like the latest Lady Gaga youtube video.

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