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  • I just took a picture of a girl dumpster diving. Should I send it to the police?

    Question by NA0Mi: I just took a picture of a girl dumpster diving. Should I send it to the police?
    This girl in my apartment complex was dumpster diving! She was digging in the trash! I took a picture of that nasty girl and I am going to tell the office manager and the cops! Will she get arrested? I know where she lives.
    can she get a trespass if she lives here?

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    Answer by fdm215
    Unless dumpster diving is illegal where you are, I wouldn’t bother

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    13 Responses to “I just took a picture of a girl dumpster diving. Should I send it to the police?”

    1. Do you know why was she doing that? Maybe she was hungry and looking for food. Remember your bible, maybe you just saw Jesus. Did you help him?

    2. On what crime? Tresspassing? Taking things from a dumpster is not larceny. As the previous owner has manifested an intent to abandon the property.

    3. Well, if the dumpster she was diving in was not public property (and I will guess it belongs to your building’s owner) then TECHNICALLY she was breaking the law because the trash was located within private property. While there is the intent to eventually dispose of the contents they had not yet been discarded.

      If you were to tell the cops I doubt they would do anything. It isn’t worth the resources to arrest and prosecute a dumpster diver.

    4. Shouldnt you be grateful that you are so well off that you dont NEED to dumpster dive, and that she cares enough about the enviornment and the size of landfills that she decided to recyclye instead of waste money???

    5. from what i know, she is either getting something she accidentally threw out OR trying to get documents of other people so to scam them of somesort

    6. who cares. your weird. it’s trash. it isn’t steeling because everyone threw it out. you need to mind your own business and worry about yourself. besides she could have accidantly through something away she needs and went to find it.

    7. Lady, unless she was stealing documents or credit card numbers off of peoples bills and documents, then there was nothing wrong with what she was doing. Dumpster diving isn’t illegal, she was probably looking for stuff that was in good condition that she doesn’t have the money to go out and by. You stay she was a girl which denotes young, its hard for young people to get on their feet ma’am. Just leave it alone she did nothing illegal about it. No she can’t get arrested so don’t call the police they’d just laugh at you. Please ma’am stick to your own business, and remember: “Love thy neighbor as you love thy self.

    8. Call to Cops! She may have been infected with HIV from a needle in the dumpster or bit by a rabid animal. Do it now!

    9. Sounds like there’s more to this story. Do you have something against this girl. I understand that it’s not the most pleasant thing to see someone going through the garbage, but does it really warrant your spending time reporting her to the manager and cops. Going through the trash isn’t a crime. Perhaps she accidentally threw something out and was trying to retrieve it. Why not leave well enough alone.

    10. There is a risk to allowing dumpster diving that many people above are not aware of.

      People oftern dumpster dive to look for personal documents for identity theft purposes. Yes, you should alert the apartment complex and have them trespass her.