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  • Dining on the Go

    As I sit in the university library using the school computer, I feel so blessed to have such resources at my disposal. I might become one of those terribly old students you see walking around campus, because you get free education after you reach retirement. However, being in the prime of my youth, I run around school all day without a thought of being tired.

    However eating on the go at times is quite challenging. For starters, there are only a certain number of items that can be carried in a backpack. Handing in a paper with soup spilled halfway down the page is more embarrassing then not turning in any homework at all. Or as you pull out your books, remnets of muffin crumbs are spilled between the pages. Considering I find all my food, the possiblilities are quite open ended on far as meal plans go. Recently I visited the food court at school and was shocked to find the price of food was more then my entire budget for the week. I couldn’t imagine spending 6 dollars on a bagel, much less for a fast food meal that would leave me hungry in a couple hours.

    Lunch options tend to be an adventure in itself. Bread becomes a staple and cookies become snacks every day. Fruit is a must, and apples become like candy on the fly. Don’t judge me library student! If I eat a mango with my fingers, it’s because I forgot my utiensils today, not because of my lack of hygine.

    Dumpstering is fun. The food is healthy, and I’m glad I don’t spend a mortgage payment a week trying to feed myself or my friends. The amount of money saved has been well worth the effort and lack of sleep. Happy eating !

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