while driving, Ke$ ha spots this clothing drop that was overflowing onto the sidewalk in Germany and stops the car to see if anything is worthy of hanging in her own closet.
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Ingersoll Rand’s Davidson, North Carolina campus participated in a Dumpster Dive to see exactly what their offices are throwing away, what can still be recycled and exactly how this impacts the environment.
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18 Responses to Ke$ha Trash Shopping in Germany

  1. jceaser5693 says:

    Your hallarious ke$ha i lov u!!

  2. alliepoodnv says:


  3. ronielxro says:

    @blacktoxxic555 Wow…

  4. jzrock1 says:

    KE$HA 4EVR shes sooo pretty and nice 😀

  5. shutuprandom says:

    Wowwwww, that is soooo not Ke$ha!!!!!

  6. mattgrupp1 says:

    shit… i like her better then that fuckin jackass lady gaga

  7. twizler333 says:

    This is so cool! Ke$ha, You rock!!!

  8. JeremyxFisher says:

    and this is why kesha is the coolest pop star.

  9. GaGaFan6666 says:

    LOL Ke$ha i ♥ u! u r so awesome!

  10. venturasd1 says:

    kesha is sexy :d

  11. sharpie486 says:

    It’s CASHMERE!

  12. animalloverangel571 says:

    Omg that is not ke$ha

  13. Ladygagafan752 says:

    lol its CASHMIRE!!!

  14. killtrigger16 says:

    I actually thought this is fake lol

  15. agromental says:

    I wonder what they’re gonna say to Lauren when she asks where they got the red, cashmere sweater.

  16. payingwithfire says:


  17. xxXGaarasGurlXxx says:

    yes its ke$ha idiots her nose ring her face her hair her voice hello

  18. AlexPhoenix1 says:

    YESSSS! That’s really Ke$ha!