Complete video at: Author Novella Carpenter reads an excerpt from her book Farm City, describing how she scrounged feed for her urban farm animals. “In five minutes we found a squashed key lime pie, a bag of still-warm beans and a container of old romaine lettuce,” she says of one dumpster diving session. “We felt like Vegas gamblers on a winning streak.” —– Novella Carpenter talks about Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer. Urban and rural collide in this inspiring memoir of a woman who turned a vacant lot in downtown Oakland into a thriving farm. If you have ever considered leaving it all behind to become a farmer, consider this both a cautionary tale and a full-throated call to action. – Book Passage Novella Carpenter grew up in rural Idaho and Washington State. She majored in biology and English at the University of Washington in Seattle. While attending Berkeleys Graduate School of Journalism, she studied under Michael Pollan for two years. Her writing has appeared on,,, and in Mother Jones.

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32 Responses to Dumpster Diving for Gourmet Pig Feed – Novella Carpenter

  1. crewlla says:

    @takadi the reason why they throw it out is because if they gave it away or sold it for less money and some one gets sick they usually get sued for it, so instead of a food posioning charge they write it down as waste and be done with it.
    I asked the manager at the grocery store to buy bananas that were going off so I could make banana bread and they told me this.

  2. takadi says:

    I work at a grocery store and you have no idea how much good food they throw out simply because the “expiration” date (or more like sell by or best use by), or it doesn’t “look good”. It really pisses me off. They don’t even allow you to give away some of the stuff to people willing to take it off your hands and they even put locks on the dumpsters at night for fear of steal…stealing something that is going to be thrown away anyways. total BS

  3. kronicred says:

    @MysteryManoLove – yes her book does speak of finding thing sin the trash, however i am not aware if her a book was one of the thing that she found there. does it belong ther? who can say, but please do not mistake trash for value.

  4. communistjesus says:

    instead of throwing uneaten left over food out they should save it and use it to FEED PIGS..

  5. communistjesus says:

    Corte Madera = I chopped wood in SPANISH..

    It is a SHAME that we as A SOCIETY throw away so much.. T

  6. marsCubed says:

    Writing a book on feminism?I bet you are, what is it called, “hippy chicks i shagged” ?
    Of course make sure you mention how they look means whether they are clever or not.
    I can’t wait to get a copy,
    Rarely have I read something with the kind of depth that your comments and channel portray, honestly, i even avoid the trashy press.
    It should be interesting.
    here is a little tip though, send it off to one of those really expensive publishers, they publish anything if you pay them enough.

  7. MysteryManoLove says:

    I’m actually writing one on feminism thank you and should be out by the end of the year.

  8. marsCubed says:

    Where is your book MysteryManoLove?
    Or have you not written one?
    I don’t blame you, it would be a complete waste of time right.
    It would take too long to get the necessary
    skill, and nobody would read it anyway.
    It happens dude, you fall in with morons, get all macho and get into tabloid pop culture, then before you know it you are a moron putting down things you don’t even understand; a kind of sham of your regular alienated conditioning, yeah feel good man, you are a idiot and proud of it.

  9. MysteryManoLove says:

    She looks like the type of person that would dig in the trash. Her book sounds like it belongs there.

  10. yoshi3329 says:

    Yeah, I see what you mean.

  11. poop121 says:


  12. dontaskleo says:


  13. KimChoJapFan says:

    @FatalityG15 That guy on the bicycle was hauling ass 😀

  14. ryno2085 says:

    The blonde is hot.

  15. TheFinBalls says:


  16. 2s7a2m7 says:

    Thanks youtube.

  17. BOBgoesBOOM says:

    @googledoogle yeah i know shes so ugly and annoying I WANT CARRIE BACK YOU BASTARDS!!!!!!!!

  18. Frankeinstein127 says:

    who the fuck is jezzy

  19. manaman70 says:

    @jessikagurl101 Screw that noise. I wish she has stuck around.

  20. FatalityG15 says:

    You gotta be kidding me? Where is the rest of the Vid? :(

  21. FatalityG15 says:

    ROFL!! @ 0:50 Did I just see a guy on a Bicycle pass the Myth Truck Out in the left lane? ROFLMBO!! I love it :)

  22. graywackeknifebdr says:

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  23. vbox8 says:

    its comfirmed for those who dont know xD

  24. Daspwn says:

    Fuck you, discovery!

  25. SuperSkarmory2 says:

    @googledoogle yes yes and screw it

  26. firekid654 says:

    Comment removed

  27. peterfaj says:

    Fuck you, discovery!

  28. keepsake327 says:

    It’s a disturbing fact of science that this can happen. But there was a distinct lack of humility on the part of Cory Grant and the blond (whose name escapes me) that supposedly this actually happened to some poor guy years and years ago.

  29. bbfan77 says:

    aww, where’s Carrie? D:
    is it because she’s pregnant?
    She’s coming back, right? aww.. I’d miss her if she didn’t come back…. D:

  30. jogex123 says:

    @thechizwhiz haha, it does!

  31. thechizwhiz says:

    Is it just me or did that truck get passed by a bike at 0:50?

  32. leparditas says:

    @leparditas dont work :)