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  • Is Your Private Information Really Safe?

    (PRWEB) July 22, 2005

    Identity theft has reached epidemic proportions in the U.S. today. The Federal Trade Commission estimates that one in twenty people have been victimized, and the statistics are rising. Using modern technology, it’s easier than ever to steal private information. It’s been reported that thieves have even taken the identities of people who had died. No one is safe from this crime.

    Anyone who has a driver’s license, credit card, Social Security number, medical insurance, or any identifiers is vulnerable.

    Those with a good credit rating are even more at risk.

    “Sensitive personal information is floating around everywhere,” noted Paige Turner, who has prepared a free report advising people how to protect themselves against this threat. “It’s important to become aware of how people get your information and what steps you can take to secure your privacy.”

    Thieves are now spending time dumpster diving, phishing, and pharming to steal information, new activities that have recently become popular.

    Her report, “Safeguarding Your Identity,” describes ways to keep your credit cards, wallet, home, and computer more secure. She provides information about some simple things to do that could make a major difference in how secure your information is and how it is handled.

    With the recent changes in federal legislation, everyone is now entitled to a free annual credit report. Details for getting one are provided, along with complete contact information for the major national credit bureaus. Information for opting out of receiving junk mail from members of the Direct Marketing Association and related groups is also listed.

    Knowing what to do is critical and may make the difference between having peace of mind or enduring months –perhaps years — of trying to get your credit repaired and your good name back. That can be an expensive and emotionally trying process that no one wants to experience.

    Protect yourself and those you love before it’s too late. To get your copy of this free report, “Safeguarding Your Identity”, go to


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