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    Hello UNC-Charlotte 49ers mens basketball team ! I will be watching your games with not the usual game food of bojangles, pizza, or soft drinks, but instead with some dumpster dived carrots and mashed potatoes. This is in fact due to the direct result of me saving money on unnecessary spending where the bill total runs anywhere between 7 and 10 dollars, for JUST ME! As I stood in the game with my zip-lock of carrots with a little tub of ranch dressing in the midst of cheering Niner Nation Gold fans, I could see their disdain for my food choice rising above their dislike for Tom Pecora, who was at the time trying to get his team to rise above Derrio Green, lead scorer for the niners.

    However the case may be, we ended up winning and the carrots and mashed potatoes were a healthier, free choice of food, much better then any Bo’rounds would ever be. However this brings up a question on how much healthy foods are being introduced at sporting events. We have a huge obesity problem in America and maybe diet that we choose to center around our sporting events has a huge corrolation. For most sports fans, the typical game involves fried foods, soft drinks, and a couple beers; a heart attack on a plate.

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