MythBusters Returns Wednesdays @ 9pm E/P with All-new Episodes! Check out the top 10 strangest myths tested by the MythBusters team: On this Episode of Mythbusters we plumb the depths and hit great heights with a double diving extravaganza!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Dane Reynolds shares his feelings about his new model the “Dumpster Diver” at the Hurley Pro Lower Trestles
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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28 Responses to MythBusters – Dumpster Diving Trailer

  1. speedwayaudio3 says:

    what if the dumpster is full of broken glass and construction rubble? let see you do that one. lol

  2. Alieaser says:

    now.. really… why would you do that? I mean its not everyday someone is gonna be chased on a rooftop and then dive in a dumpster..

  3. zacfan12369 says:

    @iluvjulianbarratt Thats soooo wrong!!! :{

  4. toobularbells says:

    This show is an example of how pathetic TV is.

  5. violafinishda says:

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  7. stickbugg says:

    This is not dumpster diving. This is a waste of time and dollars.

  8. stickbugg says:

    @vampirehunter42 I thought the same thing. What a disappointment. This looks like the most boring episode ever. I’d rather sit at home and read the Art and Science of Dumpster Diving for the second time and crack open some of the 500+ dollars worth chocolate, cookies, snacks and fruit juice I found last week.

  9. billybobhazel411 says:

    @ ncisabbs: I think the costume was based/ or replicated as neo’s from “the matrix”

  10. howtoletsplayccrs says:

    don’t send trailers to people who don’t have cable or they will drool in your oatmeal and eat your hair

  11. vampirehunter42 says:

    Ya know, I see “dumpster dive” and I was thinking on them going around town and seeing all the cool stuff you can get out of dumpsters. Like the bunch of computer equipment some of us got out of one. But it turns into a lame short high fall. What was the myth for this anyway?

  12. LadYKilleR8520 says:

    #LOL jamie dont jump you have so much to live for #LOL

  13. ncisabbs says:

    whats that costume from
    i kinda know it from somewhere

  14. camarada1996 says:


  15. SkydanceShinigami says:

    Adam, those are some sexy boots. :3

  16. MaxC17 says:

    lol i wanna fall onto foam!

  17. bowlingballout says:

    I got hosed… I thought they were going to show something besides a commercial.

  18. mattdowdy215 says:

    damn thats better than porn..

  19. 3m100k says:

    this show is on okto , tues 10pm-11

  20. isurfvan says:

    @familyandsurfguycam omeof them arent that expensive

  21. gstrahle says:


    checkout freshpineapplesdotcom, we have a lot of high performing shortboards all made with the right epoxy materials, I agree, shortboards are much better in durability, flex, and feel than it’s polyester counterpart…

  22. xxxIronLeexxx says:

    In some vid on here I’ve seen him stand up and ride a boogieboard almost like it was a shortboard. Pretty amazing.

  23. familyandsurfguycam says:

    Merrick has soooo many good looking boards now thanks to Kelly and Dave. Problem is that they are not epoxy AFAIK. With how expensive these boards are they must be epoxy! Al please start making them all epoxy! And they ALL need to have 5 fin boxes! I would love to start riding Merricks but unless the above is done I will not and I’m sure I’m not alone.

  24. mgusty says:

    @amlhockey6 How tall are you and what size did you get the board in. Im still growing so its kind of difficult.

  25. amlhockey6 says:

    @mgusty its sick dude get one. It rides like a shortboard, but paddles and catches waves like a fish. it flies and it performs in pretty much any type of wave. best board ive had

  26. mgusty says:

    @Johnnybradshaw21 What are going to be surfing?

  27. mgusty says:

    @amlhockey6 Cool. Could let me know how you like? Im thinking about getting one.

  28. amlhockey6 says:

    should be gettin my 5’8 diver soon. I’m pretty siked