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  • Q&A: Has anyone gone dumpster diving? And if you have, what did you find?

    Question by kawola17: Has anyone gone dumpster diving? And if you have, what did you find?
    I think this would be a good place to find stuff to resell. Has anyone had any success with dumpster diving? Was it scary at first?

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    Answer by Kishimojun
    An antique basinet–I reglued and refinished it and sold it for $ 50.

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    9 Responses to “Q&A: Has anyone gone dumpster diving? And if you have, what did you find?”

    1. I haven’t been diving, but i walked passed a dumpster and found a really nice paper cutter! I’d say i was successful

    2. Me and my buddies use to sneak in to the recycling center to collect the pepsi points. Made thousands of points!!!

    3. Ha Ha Ha…. I got a set of coffee tables from the dumpster when I was 18. and a rocking chair…. oh and two lamps. If I hadn’t needed them for my apartment, I probably could have sold them…. I was kinda embarassed at first, but then a really cute neighbor helped me carry them in and told me about his first apartment furniture being WAY worse… lol

    4. yea i did that once. i found a Piece of crap bike. but i Took it apart. and gave the Innertube.. rims.. and Chain to a friend so he could fix up his bike and other friends bikes… im guessing i could have sold the pieces. but i rather not. and im pretty sure u can get lucky. “one mans trash, is another mans treasure”

    5. not really dumpster driving, but one day i was driving to school, some kids were playing baseball, and one of them hit the ball so hard, if flew right over the fence and landed right in front of my car. i stopped, got out, took the ball, ran back to my car and took off. hahahahaha
      by the way, they were a bunch of teenagers, and i’m a college student. hehehehe

    6. I hatehatehate to admit it, but I used to work at a Costco store, and hey would throw stuff in the trash WAY before the expiration date. my boss told us that that’s the way corporate wanted it, but that we were free to “dumpster dive’ anytime. Well, we had a special dumpster just for food, and a couple of co-workers, the boss and I got together with a truck and just about emptied the thing out! I know it sounds so trashy and cheap, but when you’re only making $ 8.20 an hour free food is awesome! We didn’t have to buy groceries for the duration of our employment, we never got sick or dirty food, and my family saved up the grocery money for things we really needed.

    7. Well my fiance used to do that with his family as a kid. They find all sorts of stuff. Then they would go junking. Where you drive around rich areas on garbage day and see what they tossed out. What the hell, why not. Best of luck