MythBusters Returns Wednesdays @ 9pm E/P with All-new Episodes! Check out the top 10 strangest myths tested by the MythBusters team: Complete with a new costume, Adam puts his dumpster dive skills to the test as he sets out to confirm an action movie myth. On this Episode of Mythbusters we plumb the depths and hit great heights with a double diving extravaganza!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to MythBusters – Dumpster Diving – Lights, Camera, Dumpster Dive!

  1. Yora21 says:

    I have such boots. But they are really no fun to put on and put off. Also impossible to sit down comfortably without the buckles pressing into your legs.

  2. Micahtheard says:

    @brutsi do you really think they where testing if he would survive the fall? I am sure you didn’t, that would be stupid. Anyway the reason you watch that segment is to see if he hits the edge, that could be lethal :-) Which is where the stupid part comes in. He wont hit the edge because if he did they wouldn’t show it ha ha.

  3. intellectable says:

    @chrislam12 I reposted to say this is great for kids. Read my new comment.

  4. intellectable says:


    I take back my “comment” about Mythbusters being mediocre.
    The show didn’t get better.
    I just think the show is highly relevant for children to get to see science in action.

    At this point in time NPR is being defunded by the republicans.
    The (U.S.) education system is in crisis.
    Science is facing tremendous opposition (NASA).

    If the Mythbusters can keep science “fashionable” more power to them both.
    Keep on the trivial pursuits of blowing stuff up and blowing peoples minds.

  5. chrislam12 says:

    @intellectable they also have proof do you ?

  6. chrislam12 says:

    @intellectable if you dont like it go away your only giving them veiws

  7. hjlee6192 says:

    action hero with slight man boobs

  8. vTheDarknessv says:

    @intellectable how? they test everything from every angle, and you dont need to take on the bible, everything in it is already horse shit, and it is science, the fact that you dont like them because they have different views than you is the egotism in this situation buddeh

  9. intellectable says:

    I HATE the myth busters.
    Everything show ends in the same status quo results.
    They would perform miracles instead of mediocrity if they took on say the Bible.
    This is not science. It is shameless egotism that happens to be calculated.

  10. brutsi says:

    This is the stupidest thing ever, “oh no, will we be able to survive a 6 meter drop into a big foam filled dumpster?” Of fucknig course you will. Just look at gymnasts, in trampolines or tumbling. They fall 6 meters into foam and do not get hurt. You can land on your back on a single landing mat (30 cm thick) from 6 meters and only get the wind knocked out of you. Sure it will be painful, and you dont want to land head first.

  11. DavidCutThroat says:

    I Want Those Boots >< What Kinda Are They? O_o

  12. GuyWhoWearsShirt says:

    @ILikeToMong Then go keep doing it : )

  13. gordinflon232425 says:

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  14. Cryptbass says:

    haha he looks like a mixture of Clint Eastwood & Neo hahaha

  15. FishsmithXx says:

    I want adam’s jacket and boots.

  16. randomenvelope says:

    I want those boots and that jacket, but its too long, so I would shorten it by the bottom of my knees.