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    Carmel, NY (PRWEB) January 1, 2006

    Champion for the human, Rosanne D?Ausilio, Ph.D. announces the release of the 4-Pack CD Series on Identity Theft and You. Each CD is content rich and packed with facts, statistics, easy-to-implement tips, so people can be pro-active and protect themselves from thieves stealing who they are, their hard earned money, and ultimately their identity.

    Identity theft victims spend about 600 hours, $ 1400 and years (sometimes as many as ten) recovering from identity theft. Identity theft is unbelievably devastating, humiliating, violating, and an emotional upheaval.

    June of this year it was disclosed that more than 40 million credit card numbers may have been compromised after a computer hacker broke into a card processing center. Were you one of those?

    Do you shred your monthly bank and credit card statements before tossing them in the trash? We have a whole new language today because of identity theft. Here?s where ?dumpster diving? comes in ? thieves literally dive into your trash looking for identifying materials. Like those unsolicited credit cards that come in the mail. A thief gets one of those, calls in and gives a change of address and it?s months before you know what?s happened. And the bad news is it?s against your credit. CD #1 gives you the number and website to opt out of receiving offers in the mail as well as the latest scams (Jury Duty, Internet Account Updates, Phony Identity Theft Prevention Services). The other 3 CD?s include:

    CD#2 ?Jon Stotts interview, his story, Phishing, Pharming, Skimming, Scamming, Tips

    CD#3 ?Dr. Scott Brown, Ph.D. Finance, Personal Credit, Restriction of Consumption, Roth IRA?s and FICO Tips

    CD#4 ? Shane Coursin, Senior Virus Researcher, Anti-Virus, Anti-Hacker, Malware, Adware, Spyware, Tips

    And come with 7 bonuses including a

    1) Consumers Guide to Identity Theft,

    2) US Department of Justice – Jury Duty Alert

    3) FTC Consumer Alert re “Phishing’ Scam

    4) Latest Facts and Statistics

    5) Identity Theft Quiz

    6) Sample Blocking Letter

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