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  • Rugs, duct tape, and a xlyphone

    In theory the idea was brilliant. We envisioned eager holiday bargain hunters sifting through clothes, while sipping hot chocolate and nibbling on cookies. But there is also some problems with the December yardsale which we quickly figured out. Biting cold and snowy weather, rained out costumers and frozen fingertips are some of the top reasons why you would NOT want to have a yardsale in December.

    Nevertheless, rounding up items for this shindig was a challenge. My fellow yard salers were brimming to the max with their items, but mine came from my amazing vice chancellors house where we were blessed with items such as rugs and egg poachers. Putting up signs was also a bit of a hassle. I regularly frequent the dollar tree dumpster for massive amounts of cardboard, but this time it was for signage material. I also didn’t know that you had to have a yard sale permit, but since I have no idea how, who, where to get such a thing, I just made sure 50% of the signs were made without addresses.People just have to have those “primitive yardsale instincts to guide them.”

    Craigslist is my new favorite obsession. I check the free section, the forums, and the electronics hoping that I might find deals of free or cheap. However as I am learning in life, details are crucial for an event to be a success. Posting something twice is generally not recommended. Posting something twice without a time or place is generally a dumb idea, but those details escape your mind when you are doing 15 things at once.

    I have transportation issues. For real, every three months I blow off the dust on my bike, knowing that some auto disaster is bound to happen. However for the purpose of transporting stuff, my accord can only handle so much. True, I’ve stuffed half a cardboard village in there but it can only handle so much abuse. So I dragged my wonderful friend Carl to transport half my house, my friends half of houses, my curbside finds, to my other friends house where we just dropped it all off on the porch. Oh, and all of this went down after 11pm.

    Frigid and sleeting is where we found ourselves at 5 am. However, the sale is moved to next week where you can sip coco and shop indoors while browsing your next holiday gifts.

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