Question by bigwheels1031: What is the best city to live in to go dumpster diving?
What city is it? I would love to be a scavenger because I wouldn’t need to get a full time job! I could just get what I need from the dumpster.

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Answer by Brookie
I know a few states, new york, maine, Arizona, and near resaraunts. You might get arrested for doing this but, eh you can try!

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3 Responses to What is the best city to live in to go dumpster diving?

  1. nas88caror 300(RIP 3) says:


  2. TripleGrandeWhiteChocolateMocha says:

    Bellevue WA, or Redmond WA. You only find treasures in the dumpster. Rich people live there. Especially bu the lake side. I have a bro-in law who worked as a garbage man, well… he got a few laptops from those places, and they worked quite well. People there throw away last season stuff. You’d be amazed what you find in there. He collected stuff from big firms as well. He had a 10 year of computer paper supply and pens if he was going to start a business… And that’s naming just a few.

  3. Sophie B says:

    any city where they don’t lock up the dumpsters…