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  • EcoScraps Produces Organic Soil to Improve the Environment

    Provo, UT (PRWEB) February 24, 2011

    EcoScraps, an organic soil manufacturer, launched their company in 2010 to improve the environment by collecting produce waste and processing it into organic soil.

    ?This is my own way of making a small difference in the world,? said Daniel Blake, CEO and founder. ?I wanted to make a positive change in our environment.?

    The idea of EcoScraps began when Blake, 22 at the time, was eating at an all you can eat breakfast buffet with his brother at Magelby?s Fresh in Provo. The two brothers ate as much French toast as they could, and threw out the rest. As they were leaving, they were surprised at the amount of food that was thrown away. They talked on the ride home about ways they could utilize this waste and make a business out of it.

    ?In the early days of EcoScraps, I went dumpster diving in my free time to find food scraps to experiment with,? said Blake. ?I chopped and blended them in my kitchen and later composted them in garbage cans in my parking lot. After numerous experiments with various, all-natural ingredients, a successful formula was developed that had nearly double the nutrients of chemical based soils, and an environmentally friendly compost was created.?

    EcoScraps grew from Blake?s parking lot, to an abandoned shed, to the manufacturing plants they currently run in Salt Lake City, Utah and Tempe, Arizona. Products are now sold in Oregon, Utah, Arizona, and Colorado with plans to expand. EcoScraps has 20 employees.

    About EcoScraps

    EcoScraps is an organic soil manufacturer that was established in 2010. EcoScraps recycles food waste into a nutrient-rich soil conditioner. Instead of clogging landfills and gassing our air, EcoScraps products enrich the soil, helping us grow healthier plants in the most environmentally friendly way. Through this process they are able to reduce landfill waste and methane emissions. EcoScraps has won several awards such as the 2010 Sparkseed Innovator, 2010 SOCAP Scholar, #2 Emerging Student Company, Utah Student 25, and 2nd place and audience award winner at the BYU SVC 2010 Competition. Visit or call 801-513-3330 for more information.


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