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  • Dumpster Diver vs Motorboat

    Ron of Channel Islands Demo Tour, shares a few of the differences between the Dane Reynolds influenced “Dumpster Diver and the new model by Rob Machado called the “Motorboat”. Pretty cut and dry. Ron Rips on both!
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    5 Responses to “Dumpster Diver vs Motorboat”

    1. this review is pretty terrible. I copied the dims of a Dumpster Diver, got a custom epoxy shaped with a deeper concave and a bit less foam in the nose. The result is a board that is insane. Works well in mushly sloped waves, but can get into hollow fast ones too. Gotta keep your back foot right on the tail. I love the extra volume. I love the board. I just had to post something here.

    2. pretty much the motorboat is a wider version of the dumpster diver… I have a dumpster diver, and have no clue why you would want it wider the diver can already hold up good in mushy shit, and skim across flat spots

    3. dramatic/non-dramatic? Give me rocker dims, etc, Mr. Cool. I know both dane or rob could be dramatic on either of those boards. Waste of youtube bandwidth