WRN unveils ´Curbside Live´ newscast
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Aug. 1 — For the first time ever, environmental professionals can start their week with a newscast devoted to the waste and recycling industries.

Waste & Recycling News today premiered “Curbside Live,” a weekly video newscast hosted by WRN´s reporters and editors.

The first-ever show includes stories about Waste Management´s purchase of Oakleaf, a study by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries and a new garbage truck simulator video game.

“Waste and recycling professionals deserve the quality and variety of news that other industries enjoy,” said WRN editor John Campanelli. “We´ve always led the way with news in print and online, and now it´s time for a newscast.”

Watch “Curbside Live” right now by clicking here.

“Curbside Live” is also available on Waste & Recycling News´ YouTube channel.

A new show will arrive each Monday.

“Every Monday, environmental professionals will be able to log on to our site and enjoy a quick, entertaining and informative newscast featuring our reporters and editors,” Campanelli said. “It´s going to be a must-view for anyone in the business.”

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