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  • How To Live Homeless In Style: 50 Ways to Survive On Plastic Bottles In These Economic Times

    Signal Mountain, TN (PRWEB) August 25, 2010

    How To Live Homeless In Style: 50 Ways To Survive On Plastic Bottles In These Economic Times ( ) is a new 400 page book in which the author takes the reader through the steps on learning how others learn to survive being homeless. The book has nearly 200 pictures of real life survival techniques and historical homeless related topics. Over a year of research, personal interviews and the trials and errors of learning to dumpster dive for plastic bottles to create the ECO Shelter, ECO chair and table, a boat made from coke bottles and much more went into this project.

    Dr. Robert Spalding shares interviews with unique homeless individuals in the US who survive in caves, trains, booby trapped camps and describes how the US homeless situation presents an actual homeland defense problem that could lead to the next covert terrorist attack.

    Solutions to the homeless situation are discussed including nearly 60 recycled plastic bottle survival projects such as a full sized homeless bottle shelter, a coke bottle canoe that actually floats and a new local non profit homeless art gallery that sells the art to benefit homeless artists. See real pictures of the Caveman of Signal Mountain Tennessee and how this man survives in spite of his medical handicaps.

    In this book readers will find:

    Tips and secrets the homeless use to survive

    50 plus ways to survive on plastic bottles

    Why COKE doesn’t want you to build projects from their coke bottles

    How others live and ride on locomotives

    Famous songs of the homeless

    Why our nation fails mentally ill homeless individuals

    Historical Food Recipes homeless people make

    Read which 60 famous people who claim were homeless in the past

    The history of living homeless in America

    Cave living at it’s best. Split level cave residential living

    Stress reduction techniques for tough times

    Where to go and what to do if you ever need food in an emergency

    How terrorists may imitate the homeless in the next terror attack

    And much more??

    Here is what others say about his book:

    “A bible of Homelessness in America”

    Brother Ron Fender, BSG Director of the Community Kichen for The Homeless in Chattanooga, TN

    Dr. Spalding compiles immense knowledge and comparisons of different situations and levels of poverty in his book How to Live Homeless in Style. He successfully fills each page with value by inserting real life stories, tips, and recommendations on how to survive both physically and mentally. His interviews are insightful yet heart wrenching as he brings true awareness to the issues facing the homeless. Very educational as well as eye opening for those who feel they are alone in their circumstances.

    Susan Del Gatto /

    ?Robert Spalding has amassed a unique, eclectic mix of research and experiences that offers something for everyone interested in homelessness.? David H. Chattanooga, Tennessee

    DR. Spalding has authored several specialized books Death By Pedicure and The Science of Pedicures ( ) concerning the subject of nail salon infections. He has recently authored this year the first book account of actual illegal drug submarine fleet called Drug Subs ( )

    Dr. Spalding also has a popular evergreen line of children?s diversity books called The Kingdom of Fu Fu ( which has been ?highly recommended for libraries? by Midwest Book Review. His newest Fu Fu series book, The Fu Fu?s Go To New York introduces these adorable creatures to the children of New York by way of a ?funami?.

    In February of this year, Dr. Spalding released for the 2010 Christmas season a book called Sara Claus and the Flying Christmas Pigs ( This book is based on a ?real? flying Christmas pig you can see on his website.

    This fall, Dr. Spalding is releasing two more books that are works of fiction. The first book is called Death by Manicure ( ), a fictional story about poisoned nail polish causing salon based fatalities in the US.

    Dr. Spalding is also ready to publish, An American Playground ( written while he was in medical school that outlines a drug smuggling operation of a new ecstasy like drug called, ROBO under the cover of Disneyworld. This book is based in part on factual aspects of Florida?s huge subterranean freshwater cavern systems and the new factual book, Drug Subs.

    Dr. Spalding lives on Signal Mountain Tennessee near Chattanooga.


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