Question by rebeccasdruid: is useing a dumpster at a public park legal. If I was walking by and tossed a can in it would be.?
I have been for years throwing away garabage at the local parks dumpsters. at least 15 other family’s do. I have even had cops stop and help me unload my car. Tonight a new cop stoped me and said I had to remove it and take it back home and pay my bill.. I told him I pay my 70 a month.. I rent larger can’s because of the size of my family but unless I was a dumpster in my front yard from now on at $ 250 a month, I’m at a loss.. I thought I had the right to use the ones at the parks Coumminity Building and maybe city hall , my taxes do pay for them and the night before pick up day if they arn’t full why cant I fill them and they get picked up at 6 am the next day.. wheres the wrong being done
I do recycle can’s bottles paper and cardoard.. I don’t not recycle 40 dirty dippers nasty paper plates used by 7 ppl.. baby wipes, dog hair cat her vaccum bags torn clothes stain clothers wood and tree trimming they want grass only (for free) I pay 70 a month for the 5 can’s I have and it still isn’t even close to enough.. I didn’t ask for a had out.. I really belive that the roads paid for in my city are mine to use.. and the park and school and pool and dumpsters..

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Answer by Not Tellin
It is illegal dumping. If you are using the park any litter you produce while being in the park, using public property, gives you the right to use the public trash.

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