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    Question by xlnlybrknherox: What is the average rental cost of a dumpster?
    Is there anyone out there who has a general idea of what it would cost to rent a dumpster? My neighbor and I are cleaning out our basements and garages, which are pretty cluttered. Most of the stuff will have to be tossed, either due to damage (rodents, insects, mold, etc) or its just outdated. We’ve gotten a start on the project, and have estimated that we’ll end up collecting about 25 cubic yards of trash. Therefore, we’ll need either a 20 or 30 cubic yard dumpster.

    We could also put the trash in bags and put them on the curb for weekly pickup, but it would take months and $ 400 in garbage stickers. The dumpster would obviously have the less time benefit, but would it be more cost effective to simply put it on the curb?

    All advice would be greatly appreciated, especially on how to lower the cost of trash removal. Thank You.

    Best answer:

    Answer by bugear001
    A “roll off” dumpster would probably be best. The 6yd and 8yd dumpsters are normally rented by the month. I believe they rent them by the day and then they also weigh them. Not sure. I’ve had them here where I work, but I don’t remember the exact cost. Also….Be aware of where they will drop it. The back wheels on the roll offs have a tendency to tear up the asphalt.

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