Two ay ago was my 51st and my mom won’t let
me clean up the bathroom and anything I bring home or use in
recycling/dumpster diving because she says household
cleaners and dishwashing soap ruin water pipes!
I recycle/dumpster dive because I’m disabled and the money
and or the things I occassional bring home give me a
meassure of independence. Everything I seem to do is
destructive and abusing the to the house including storing
cleaning supplies under the bathroom sink! She talks to me
about that as if there is something wrong with for having
them She often compares me to Howard Hughes!
Yesterday I was accused of abusing and breaking the washer
by pretreating my dirty smelly clothes with diswashing
detergent and cutting my clothes to alter them–she says the
fabric unravels and ruins the washer!

People have suggested to me my mom’s behavior is a pattern
of emotional abuse.
What can I do?
I dig through the Garbage!

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