Question by pspsarethebest: Who knows anything About dumpster diving?
Do you think it is ilegal to go dumpster diving for dunots in Minnesota?
If so what would the police say to us? Thanks for your help!!

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Answer by AntiSocialClub
wouldnt try it.

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4 Responses to Who knows anything About dumpster diving?

  1. Spagett says:

    na its not illegal. they are just donuts that were thrown away.

  2. mhmm;) says:

    well i googled it and check the first site that came up and it was this one, it had people from minnesota posting on there so it leads me to believe and confirm it is legal.

    they were not getting food though, but incase you didnt know the local food store sells a whole entire box of freshly made 12 donuts for one dollar after they havnt been sold for one day because theyre no longer fresh.

  3. zchris87v says:

    I’m sure if you’re dumpster diving for donuts and the cops stop you, they’d just confiscate the donuts :)

  4. Sam says:

    I used to do it when i was a little kid, lol =]
    it wasn’t voluntary though =/
    Its not illegal