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  • Tips for Cleaning Up and Organizing

    New Years Resolution to Clean Up and Get Organized:  Helpful Tips to Getting Started on Meeting Your Goals

    If you have a New Years Resolution to clean up and get organized this year, there are some helpful tips out there from the pros that can help you jump-start your efforts both around the house and the office.  Whether you are just starting out with learning the basics of how to properly clean and organize or just need a quick refresher on the cleaning skills that you already have, if cleaning up and getting organized is part of your New Years Resolutions, remember the following helpful information.

    Every New Years Resolution to clean up and get organized should include a solid effort to clear clutter and get rid of items and trash that you don’t need.  Look around for items that are just gathering dust and remember that if you don’t use it, it’s time to get rid of it!  This includes household items, trash from projects completed around the house and landscaping materials.  Experts recommend putting items into three piles:  Trash, Keep and Donate to Charity.  This is a great way to determine what items you really use and which ones are simply taking up valuable space in your home.

    Once you’ve completed the organizing, it’s time to start cleaning.  If you really want to get the most out of your New Years Resolution to get clean up and get organized, a thorough cleaning is the best way to go.  Scrub, dust and polish all surfaces in your home, including bookshelves, tables, electronics and appliance.  Don’t forget the surfaces in the bathroom and in the kitchen, as these are two areas of the home that can harbor dangerous germs.  Starting out the year in the healthiest way possible is a smart way to go.

    To keep your New Years Resolution to clean up and get organized, it can be incredibly helpful to set up a regular cleaning schedule.  Cleaning schedules can be set up for management of chores that are done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  This can help you get into the habit of cleaning, helping to make your housekeeping efforts more efficient.  Once the schedule is in place, it’s easy to assign different members of the family to specific chores, which can be incredibly helpful when it comes to ensuring that all of the most important chores are completed on an expected schedule.

    Getting into the habit of doing certain chores throughout the week or during the day is the best way to stay organized this year.  If your New Years Resolutions includes finally getting organized, take the time to do it right by developing a clear idea of what your goals mean to you and be prepared to carry them out no matter what.  When you have goals in place and a clear idea of what it will take to reach those goals, you will be on a positive path for success.

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