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  • Gobble Till You Wobble

    I have decided my mother is a wonderful cook. Not only do the meals come freshly prepared every single day to an eager family of hungry wolves, every dish is made from scratch cooked to perfection. I temporarly postponed my dumpster diving, due to the ease of prepared meals around thanksgiving and the fact that I am proud to call my hometown eco friendly.

    My Thanksgiving List includes:

    Amazing friends: seriously, I have the most caring friends in the world. From the random rides, the amazingly long shifts at work, the 2 am dumpster diving trips, my wierd hormones, and dirty car habits ya’ll are the best. Thanks for listening to my complaints about everything from boys to half starvation, to no sleep habits to rooomate issues.

    My family: I’m pretty sure 20 years ago my parents were not ready for their daughter to make national news for eating out of trash cans but it’s been amazing. I’m sorry for all the links my parents will email you about me, i’ve tried to discourage this habit. Matt told me I must change my last name for the sake of family unity.

    University of North Carolina- Charlotte
    I don’t know how I got on this little list of students that recive things that they don’t deserve, but it happened to me. Through this school ive recived more media press then anything I could have have ever deserved.

    Fox Carolina- Thanks for interviewing me! I had a really fun time going around with your cameraman and reporter. I felt like a ninja sneaking around with camera’s following me.

    ok, that is all. I could write a huge list but most of important is the fact that Jesus died on the cross to save my sins, and for that I am most thankful. Have a wonderful thanksgiving

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