It’s called dumpster diving – going through garbage looking for food. In the United States it’s becoming a movement. You may be surprised by who is going through the bins and what they’re finding.

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24 Responses to dumpster diving

  1. Naddycat says:

    Some of the best meals I have had came from the Dumpsters of RVA.
    My favorite jeans, shoes, shirts, and belts too.
    I even type on a Dumpster HP Computer! :O)

  2. happyquails says:

    The greatest concern should be a co-mingling of bacteria with the super absorbant vegatables, especially since not all toxic or infectious contamination is visible or able to be smelled. Also, you stand to contaminate yourself, your clothes and your house with other less anticipated things that end up in dumpsters including insecticides, toxic chemicals and the discarded rags and gloves that are coincidental to their use. The turning to dump dumpsters further contaminates them on the inside.

  3. Ohio1TreasureHunter says:

    I think i was more grossed out by the news anchor sticking her fingers in the food then the concept of them eating out of the garbage.

  4. dragonlion5161 says:

    dumpster diving should be legal. Their’s no problem with it I think just that corporations are little bitches when it comes to that stuff.

  5. britmusic17 says:

    ive done this i found ten pounds of food ! before ! first dive… my dive tonight i found a perfect chalk board ! for my kitchen ! and loads of flowers and herbs

  6. FUNisUnderRated says:

    wish me luck. first dumpster dive

  7. M1st3rm1g00 says:

    As an anarchist a relatively young anarchist this makes me proud in yet another small slice of america :)

  8. seattle0sound says:

    Just been on my second ever dumpster dive, hundreds of loaves of bread and packets of crisps, plenty of bagged fruit and veg too, good times!

  9. Cherrybloodsyrup says:

    @isit1984yet Oh hahaha! Roadkiller cleaners spent very little on meat! :D

  10. shorts says:

    i work in a grocery store.. we donate nothing. if i took something expired out of the garbage they would fire me for stealing

  11. josepunkthrashdude says:

    ive been dumpster diving a few times. found loads of fresh danimals. little caesars pizza. V8. and canned goods :) never got sick

  12. sandy10842 says:


  13. yaxxee says:

    @joepie91 I totally agree. I’ve had stuff go off before its expiry date, and stuff be completely fine quite some time after. An expiry date is an estimate, and not always particularly accurate.

  14. quitejaded says:

    I love dumpster diving! I don’t have patience to dive for food, but I dive for furniture and other fancy things. I don’t like diving for clothes because they are stained.

  15. NekkiDo1 says:

    Im all for dumpster diving but i would be very leary of dumpster diving for food. Throwing out food isn’t always about the expired shelf date.. but also because it may have been recalled because of E.coli or other harmful bacterias… Just be safe guys.. Food is recalled all the time because of this…

  16. otacon451 says:

    trash compactors are evil

  17. angelalewis32 says:


  18. isit1984yet says:

    I’ve started dumpster diving here in Duluth. I’ve found organic eggs, apples, oranges, etc. etc. combined with harvesting road kill venison and I spend very little on food every month.

  19. DaftG343 says:

    I’ve decided to dumpster dive and instead found beetles! omg!

  20. jjpackrat says:

    ya got love it.

  21. Derpinguin44 says:

    Dumpster Divers don’t ONLY dive for food. I dumpster dive for computer parts. I’ve built 10 computers from parts from the dumpsters. Of course, I dive in commercial areas of the city.

  22. TheRealNickBravo says:

    One time I found two shopping cartloads of food in a dumpster behind a walgreens. I loaded it up and took it to the homeless shelter so they could use it.

  23. lehew2009 says:


  24. Miketamine says:

    @youtubasoarus i know dude it’s really amazing, u realize that it could sustain even the poor population ?

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