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    Mobile Eyes and Collage in My 1966-68 era Bedroom
    12 yard dumpsters
    Image by ursusdave
    This is my bulletin board, with a well thought out collage on it. What I was thinking at the time, though, I couldn’t tell ya’. And the eyes were on a mobile.

    In the lower left corner of the bulletin board, it seems like that could only be Janis Joplin belting out a blues wailer. I got real artsy-comical with the feet under the tomato, and it is probly Jack Bruce as the tomato’s harmonica playing head. I believe I spot a black and white shot of Ginger Baker playing his drums near Jack’s head. To the top left, in red and playing left handed guitar is Jimi Hendrix. I see another shot of Hendrix in red all the way over to the right, middle. At the top left, that double image is of Owsley Stanley, the Grateful Dead’s longtime soundman, Bear. The regal black woman in the magnificently colorful dress was simply a great centerpiece for the collage. The WJZ TV bumper sticker was there at the bottom of the bulletin board’s frame because of the goofy elephant graphic and whatever goofy graphic was at the other end of it.

    That round disc of cardboard tacked into the top right corner of the wooden frame is a Sgt. Pepper Album cut-out insert.

    I have an uncut Sgt. Pepper cut-out insert sheet in my living room. It is made of light cardboard and it’s almost the same size as an album cover–the cut out is 12 x 11 13/16. I paid twenty bucks for it at an antique show, a few years ago. The disc on my bulletin board looks like I cut it out from one of those famous cut-out sheets, but I didn’t. Nobody did. A machine did it. Because I bought the Pepper album a few days after it was released, and I will never forget how overjoyed I was when I opened up the album, carefully slid out the paper sleeved vinyl disc and along with it comes a whole lap full of separate cut out inserts.

    "What’s this?" I joyously shouted to my parents and sister, who were in the living room with me. The whole cardboard sheet cut out version came in later runs of the album. So there’s a bit of Beatles collectibles trivia for ya’. If you ever see a used Sgt. Pepper Album at a yard sale, flea market, etc., or in a dumpster, check that baby for the machine cut cutouts in it. That would be a very valuable find.

    Great Songs That I’d Play If I Were A Disc Jockey

    © David Robert Crews a.k.a. ursusdave

    email: ursusdaveatyahoodotcom

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