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  • Deception, Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud – Battling the Axis of Evil

    Brooklyn, PA (PRWEB) September 16, 2009 –

    Social Engineering is defined as the manipulation and deceiving of people into giving up valuable information.

    As security technologies advance, malicious hackers are turning to social engineering as it often provides the path of least resistance to their victims. Malicious social engineers will employ phishing, telephone attacks, as well as dumpster diving and physical security attacks to infiltrate their targets. A recent report by Symantec indicates a 52% increase in phishing attacks in the month of July 2009 alone.

    As a countermeasure, a community of experts have come together to build the webs first solid framework for social engineering. These experts come from industries such as deception detection, neuro-linguistic programming, psychology, government officials, penetration testing and professional social engineers.

    A lack of awareness is the main reason social engineering attacks are so successful. aims to create a cornerstone of the Internet for people to learn about social engineering and how to identify, avoid and protect themselves from such attacks. In today’s economy, protection from social engineering attacks is of vital importance. According to Gartner, in 2007, $ 3.2 billion dollars were lost in phishing attacks alone.

    The website hosts a multitude of educational materials including tools, scripts, videos and podcasts to help keep the community and those interested informed. The monthly featured podcasts will feature different aspects of social engineering, ranging from interrogation tactics, micro expressions, deception detection, penetration testing, pretexting and more.

    Social has joined forces with sponsors like John E. Reid and Company, Humintell, Offensive Security and many more to provide the most up-to-date and cutting edge information on all aspects of social engineering.

    Chris Nickerson, famous for his social engineering endeavors as well as his role on the TV Show Tiger Team, said, “ ( is a living, breathing entity that will keep on growing….”

    About is a online security community that provides an educational framework for those who can use social engineering in their life, work or hobbies. It is headed up by Chris Hadnagy, Jim O’Gorman and Mati Aharoni but backed up by a strong community of professionals who have devoted countless hours and talent to make this happen. Visit the social engineering website at and get protected today.


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