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30 yard dumpster DSC_1667
20 yard dumpster
Image by Gregs Landscaping

Ruthie’s Yard – Before the Demolition
20 yard dumpster
Image by cobalt123
Tomorrow the new owners will bring in a bulldozer, Bobcat, and huge dumpsters to change the neighbor’s lot and home forever. A long-time fixture in the Phoenix Homesteads, Ruthie lived here for years and years and raised her family in one of the oldest Phoenix neighborhoods. Now that she’s gone (over a year ago) the family sold the place to a couple who is remodeling the original small adobe house and yard to re-sell. These rocks were going to go the way of the dumpster, but now I get to move them to my home and do something creative with them. Don’t know what all I will do yet, but I can’t wait to consider the possibilities. I’m told the Bobcat will move them to my lot, but from there I think my wheelbarrow and I will be a team. The giant saguaro needs a new home. We are looking into what the cost would be to move it. It can’t be at my home because my yard is irrigated. I hope we can find a home for it, a real treasure at about 20′ tall! Waiting for a call back to see what the moving costs would be and ideas of who to move it. We know nurserys around here "would take it away", but this is a real opportunity for the right person who has the means.

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