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  • Kris Kemp: Dumpster Diver

    Video Rating: 5 / 5

    Here is a sample of my dumpster diving adventures! I love the fact that I save a lot of money with this pastime and all the things I find don’t wind up in a landfill. Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks! 🙂
    Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    27 Responses to “Kris Kemp: Dumpster Diver”

    1. I like getting something for nothing as much as the next guy but the reporter made a very good point at the end of the story. Some of the food could be in the dumpster because of recalls. Here in Canada Maple Leaf recalled a bunch of their products a while back because of Listeria contamination.

    2. if the compainies threw out stuff that people could take like half ok stuff. in a seperate nice clean dumpster i would easily take them

    3. @lilprincess24100
      Thank you! 😀 Yeah, I feel right at home dumpster diving now, LOL. I used to feel embarrassed, but got over it when I realized there wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about – I’m getting awesome free stuff and getting use out of things that would otherwise be in a landfill! Yay! 😀

    4. My mom does this every once in a while, but i love how your not even embarresd to do this!!!!!!. Your very brave!!!.

    5. @AMomentWithRachael i like to subscribe to ppl to help them i subscribe to about 20 ppl a day

    6. @videodude4
      I have gone at night before, but since I’m a single mom I just usually go in the day time. As long as it’s not locked you’re good to go anytime you want! Evening is probably best since your chances of them throwing out their stuff that day is higher. You just have to go early enough in the evening that you still beat the other dumpster divers to the finds. 😉 Grocery stores are great! 🙂

    7. Do you do at night? and is a grocery stores ok? I’m thinking of hitting up a electronics store or something… at night

    8. @TaraCoons0810
      Wow, thanks Tara! LOL… my kids’ comments often crack me up. It’s always interesting watching the video later and find out what they were saying while I was diving. I really appreciate your comment! 🙂

    9. Wow, that was AMAZING! The absolute best part was when one of your kids whispers all exicitedly that “were going dumpster diving for an hour!” You seem like a very logical, well rounded mom still nursing at 2, dancing, and dumpster diving, does kids good!

    10. @lizlivelife
      Thank you! You’re so pretty too! Haha… yeah, I totally love dumpster diving! I love your videos! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

    11. ur so pretty!. i did NOT know ppl do this!!!. lol idont think i have the guts!. but ur awesome, and wow you’ve found some awesome stuff!!!.

    12. @leapingfroglady
      I was embarrassed at first, too. Some days I still have my moments. 🙂 Thanks for the comment/view!!! 😀

    13. @leapingfroglady
      So, I told him, but he continued to be such a pest. I gave him back the chair and he took it into the store. I kept all my other finds, though. Now I carry a print out of the law. I haven’t had a chance to show it to anyone yet, though. Just try to remember, they should be embarrassed ones due to everything they’re throwing away in this “live green” era. Why send perfectly good things to a dump? It’ll take forever for some of that stuff to break down. 🙂