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  • George Anthony Nov 8 update, victim or con man? caylee

    George cuddles up to police detectives. George cuddles up to media. Will they get it? Simon Burch interview 7/24/08 (Tow yard mgr) Dumpster-diving in pjs, flip-flops at 6:30am, Page 8. None of the dialogue reported by GA is reported by the Tow yard mgr. Only Yeah was said by GA., and that was asked by the det. what was GA response on opening the trunk. A jerk of the head was all the reaction to the odor. No asking him to open the trunk with him, etc….. George said NOTHING as the trunk was opened. Only the lot mgr said anything and that was getting rid of the smelly garbage for George. Page 12, line 12-15 Did George track down Casey upon getting that notice re the car? That would explain how he knew to bring gas, that he learned where the car had been and he called Amaco to check on her story. That Cindys exclamation, what Died? likely didnt happen. July 25—George say good news is coming, dont have a lawyer July 25—George say good news is coming, dont have a lawyer

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